[Webinar Replay] The 4 Most Crucial Skillsets You MUST Master To Succeed Online (3/29/14)

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[Webinar Replay] How To Get Free Lifetime Access To Zero To Hero Academy

With over 30 hours of pure value, Zero To Hero Academy is your soup to nuts training vault for crushing it online.  This webinar shows how you can get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to this absurdly valuable training.  Limited time offer.

Subscribe to updates here to get the password. If you already subscribed, look for the email from NextGenBusiness.com titled “Re: Your Registration”. Be sure to add us as a contact to receive future communication from us.

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[Webinar Replay] Part 2: How To Optimize And Track Like An Expert To Get A 500% Or More Boost In Sales

With over 2 hours of pure value, Aaron Hillyer dove deep inside marketing funnel optimization, tracking, and analytics in part 2 of this webinar series. Demonstrating how to get 500% or more boost in sales, this no pitch, no fluff session packed a full punch.

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[Webinar Replay] How To Optimize And Track Like An Expert

Aaron Hillyer rocked this webinar with pure value. Feedback included “More! More!” and “This Is Amazing!”.

In this live event (replay below), Aaron demonstrated how to boost sales by 500% or more through carefully and strategically tracking and optimizing your marketing funnel.

This webinar is continued to part to so be sure to register here for this week’s live webinar

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How To Get Leads Every 4.2 Minutes

Below is a replay of a live webinar on 2/16/14 titled “How To Get Leads Every 4.2 Minutes”

It got rave reviews and had several people requesting more webinars (so I’m doing them every week now).

A TON of value here and no sales pitch.

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Traffic, Traffic, Traffic – How To Generate More Traffic, Leads, and Sales Than You Can Handle

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The #1 thing that most entrepreneurs need and want more of is traffic. This free webinar will be extremely value-packed and show you exactly how to:

  • Identify Your Target Audience
  • Target Your Audience
  • Leverage Low Cost Traffic
  • Generate Free Traffic
  • Scale To The Masses
  • Choose A Strategy That Works For YOU
  • Test Small And Scale BIG
  • Start With The Basics And Learn Quickly

This will be an incredible value (easily $497) and the golden nuggets you walk away with will allow you to take action IMMEDIATELY!

This is NOT a pitch fest, a back-end sales gimmick, and so forth. It will be pure
Value, value, value

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Focus on the long tail

Should I go big or small?

There is an old saying that if you play with the elephants, you get stepped on.

An old buddy of mine who wrote a book on identity theft (I used to also be a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist with The Institute of Fraud Risk Management – whew what a mouthful!) first told me this years ago. I recall a time when he spent countless hours with a MAJOR bank and was very close to working with them on providing an identity theft service and BAM!

They stole it out from under him!

You see, you could go after highly competitive search terms like “mortgage” and “restaurant” if you want. And you CAN rank. Heck, you can even rank on the first page if you want.

I can teach you how to do that.

But is it WORTH it for you to do so?

Would it be better for you to focus on the long tail?

What is the long tail you ask….it’s covered in the following video:

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Marketing 101 – Know Thy Audience

I wanted to spend a little bit of time here today focusing on a basic element of marketing.
For those of you that have been marketing, you probably have already heard this before.

But hearing and implementing are two very different things!

Make sure you implement what you’re about to hear.

Check out the following video…

Simple concept, right? It really is.

Ask your audience what they are looking for.

Study them.

Pay attention to what they like, don’t like, and want to run their car into your house for!

Let me do the same thing here with you today…

  • What are you looking for?
  • What do you need help with?
  • What do you want to learn the most?
  • What resources would be helpful?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What can you tell me about yourself that can help me know you better?

Comment below and give me your feedback and do the same thing with your people.

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Most people are never going to achieve the success that they desire. Unfortunately, this is true.

The reality though is that it doesn’t have to be this way. If only they’d step outside of their comfort zone. Watch this short video and see just how important this is…

We’ll be giving you tips and training on a variety of topics such as marketing but the number one thing you can do is focus on YOU. As such, we will always be focusing on growing and developing your mind.

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